Designers Who've Embraced Vegan Menswear

MenswearStyle Article

"Working for multiple major brands, Jade Rozenbroek witnessed the fashion industry’s excess and shady, environmentally harmful practices firsthand: leather used for one sample, before being destroyed, and production sourced to factories in countries with loose environmental standards. Yet, when she tried to shop for truly vegan and organic pieces that were also fashionable, she only came up with a few tops – and often found nothing for men. In response, she started Rozenbroek, handmade in London and not just vegan but sustainable all-around. Casual and somewhat streetwear leaning, her line, which made its official debut with a SS17 collection, stays true to its approach. Beyond just the clothes, Rozenbroek offers a repair service and provides information about reducing the garment’s carbon footprint through washing and drying. After a while, if the piece shows signs of wear and tear, customers can then return it for a discount on their next purchase. In turn, Rozenbroek reuses the fabric and labels for the brand’s newer garments."