About Us

Rozenbroek is a British, women founded, sustainable clothing brand. We are a brand that celebrates design and durability.

Founded by Jade Rozenbroek, a former luxury menswear designer who was compelled to start the company whilst designing for brands such as Marc Jacobs, Burberry and Versace as she couldn’t ignore the environmental impacts of fashion and the lack of options for conscious consumers.


Clean Energy

All Rozenbroek garments are designed and hand made in our very own solar-powered factory in Yorkshire. Our products are created in a sustainable and ethical manner.

As a long time vegan and an environmentalist, Jade not only designs the clothes but set up our very own factory in East Yorkshire which is run by solar energy. All of our machines, lighting and heat is produced by solar panels on the roof which harvest those ‘famous’ Yorkshire rays


Carbon footprint

All of our garments are designed in London and hand crafted in East Yorkshire.

We ONLY use organic fabrics- no compromise. Our fabrics are sourced as locally as possible, with the majority coming from Europe.

No wool, silk and NEVER any fur or leather. Our accessories are all made from 100% organic fabrics and off cuts.

We try to be as circular as possible: factory floor off cuts that would usually be discarded are repurposed into other items such as our tote bags, zero waste scrunchies and face masks.

All of our items are made in small batches or made to order. This is the most sustainable way as to avoid over production and unnecessary use of materials.

Organic materials are utilised to reduce environmental impact on soils and the air.



Social responsibility

We believe that it is hard to monitor what you cannot see, so we set up our own factory and hire our own garment makers.

We pay living wage, utilise the power of the sun and use materials with the lowest impact.


We use recycled, recyclable, compostable or biodegradable packaging for all purchases. 

All of our garments come with information on how to care for them once purchased to reduce the footprint and extend the product lifecycle.




All of our woven pieces come with a 10-year repair or recycle guarantee.

With the repair and recycle service, we strive to promote longevity and value. Our aim is to give the power back to the consumer to help create the much needed shift in the market place and eliminate fast fashion.



Our buttons are made from Corozo or ‘vegetable ivory’ in England from the nut of the Tagua Palm of Ecuador. Tagua is a 100% natural, ethical, ecological and sustainable alternative to replace plastic, elephant ivory and bone buttons


We believe there are further shifts towards mindful consumption but are ensuring every element of Rozenbroek is carefully crafted.